Sunset Wedding- Misty Dawn Photography - Central Texas Weddings

July 09, 2016  •  5 Comments

This wedding was one of those that literally took my breath away at how beautiful it was.  Being a Central Texas Photographer, settings like this don't come around too often as Central Texas is not near as pretty as what you are about to see. The set up was elegant and the bride was stunning. Meet Nina and Bryce!! This gorgeous wedding took placed in Tyler, TX. It was my first wedding that I traveled a far distance for and it was beyond worth it. Tyler, TX in itself is absolutely beautiful. Tall green trees and a beautiful lake captured this amazing couple. Nina and Bryce have dated since high school, yes they are one of those high school sweethearts that actually make it. Nina wanted her wedding to be classic, elegant and blushed with pink and gold. When you view the images of these too their love is evident and Bryce still looks at his girl like its the first time he saw her. Enjoy this overload of a blog, I couldn't narrow down the images to create this blog!! Make sure to leave some love in the comments for this happy couple! Congratulations Nina and Bryce!!



5.Christine Smith(non-registered)
So beautiful!!!!!
4.James and Cathy Adams(non-registered)
It was such a beautiful day!!!! NINA we are so happy to have you in out family !!Love you
3.Betty Traver(non-registered)
The pictures are beautiful . So sorry we were not able to be there . May God bless your marriage with lots of love and laughter.
2.Steve Adams(non-registered)
Awesome! Love you guys! Beautiful.
1.Val Adams(non-registered)
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!
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